True secrets of happiness

Please note that the content of this page, entitled “True secrets of happiness” has got nothing to do with the company that we as the Sa-solution team represent,and nor does it have anything to do with the products of  the company.It is a message from the owner of this website to all who are considering to join this business.

The aim of this page is to mentally and spiritually prepare those persons who feel that this marvelous business opportunity is for them.Since the income potential of this business opportunity is so huge, those persons who wish to join should be aware that many people who obtain wealth do not know how to handle this new lifestyle and in the end become totally different people.Some lose their friends and become greedy and heartless.

It is the wish of the owner of this website that whoever joins this business opportunity should become better people in the end.People who are happy and enjoy a life of joy,kindness and love.May they receive whatever their hearts desire.May they live on this earth as good people with good hearts.May they enjoy and share with love what this amazing business has to offer.That is  the sole reason why this page was added.

What are the true secrets of happiness?

We felt it necessary to raise this question and also give the answers. Since many South Africans are just plain miserable and unhappy everyday. We want you to know that the true secrets of happiness do not lie in wealth or money. It does not lie in an expensive car or the clothes you wear. You may own many expensive things and even earn up to R50 000, a month but that that still does not mean that you will be happy. Here, when mentioning “happiness”, we mean having inner peace.

 There is nothing wrong with having in abundance, it can be good but we must have inner  peace. Without it being wealthy means nothing.

So, if true happiness, then, is inner peace, what is inner peace? More importantly, even, how does one obtain it?

Inner peace is not just some feeling of mere pleasure but is actually state of being. This state cannot come from worldly material things. Money, a home, a car and warm clothes are very essential to our well-being and our survival but there are homeless people on the streets without a cent in their pocket and yet they sing and laugh as if they do not have a care in the world.

 On the other hand, we just need to watch the news or read a newspaper to see how some rich person killed his family and then also himself. Here, in this case, the money or wealth is not the problem. The problem is the person’s mindset or the state that he is in.As the Sa-solution team we believe that each problem has a solution. When we are wealthy we MUST have the right mindset.

Let me repeat that: When we are wealthy we MUST have the right mindset!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being wealthy and having in abundance. It would be a good thing if everybody in the world had enough and could prosper but the main ingredient in the recipe of wealth is not to live in greed but in thankfulness. You can make a lot of money in this business opportunity if you follow instructions correctly and are teachable, so you should always remember to remain humble and never think that you are better than other people because you earn more money than they do. If you have this mindset you will be happy and come to discover the true wonders of this business opportunity.


Although our work from home opportunity offers you many things that you would otherwise only have dreamt of  for the rest of your life, we want you to know that to know that the secrets of true happiness is the ultimate secret that we want you to possess.

Be happy and positive,then you will make the most out of this business.

Be happy and positive,then you will make the most out of this business.


Our opportunity is a real, genuine opportunity that pays you real money (R200’s for each closed deal plus a growing, ongoing residual income) but without inner peace all this means nothing. We want you to experience this inner peace regardless of whether you join our business opportunity or not.This is more important than anything else.

How we should live.


The true secrets of happiness:

The first and foremost secret of happiness is     to   love GOD. To love HIM more than worldly things  and to be a son or daughter that depends on  HIM. We need to know that everything good that we own in this lifetime comes from HIM and as HIS WORD states, “The Good Lord giveth and HE taketh away”.As we receive good things we must thank GOD in our hearts and know that HE has blessed us. Even the air that we breathe comes from HIM. To love HIM and know more about HIM you have to look HIM up in HIS WORD. That is where you will find HIM.

The second most important secret to happiness is to love others. Here we mean the genuine true love that is able to forgive and to accept.

What do we mean by that? We mean that we need to love people who are not just our close family or friends or relatives but people who are different than us. It is extremely easy to love our closely related friends and family. Even the world’s most evil or brutal murderers do that.  But to love someone who does not look like us or who is different, that is another story.

Love_One_Another, make peace with your enemies.
Love_One_Another, make peace with your enemies.


To love GOD and to love others is why we were created. If we do not do these things we are not fulfilling our purpose on earth and are living like a fruit tree who never evens bears one fruit. We are like an alarm clock that has never shown the correct time or a bicycle without wheels.We exist for no reason.That is why this is so important.Our Creator has created humans of different appearances, races and colour because he loves a variety. In the eyes of our Creator no one is better than the other. He wants there to be a huge variety of humans living on earth because He is an artist with an eye for beauty and sees us all as the same and as His beautiful human creation.

 To Him we are all beautiful and special. . Imagine an art piece of a flower bowl that is filled with not just one color or type of flower but many different types and colors. When the artist looks at it, he smiles and thinks “They are all beautiful!”. This is how our Creator sees us.

We are different because we are like flowers in a bowl.Each one is special.
We are all different because we are like flowers in a bowl.Each one is special.


The flowers in that bowl do not fight and hate and kill each other because of differences of color and shape or appearance because they are created through the will of the artist.

So then, to fulfill our purpose on earth we need to love all living beings. We need to love all humans, not just the ones that are close to us but even those who are not.

-The first step towards developing this love is to recognize the fact that people are meant to be different. We were meant to look different and to have different needs and interests. Not realizing this fact is what causes all the wars in the world and why neighbors cannot get along with each other. It is the reason why nations and races hate and destroy each other; because we cannot accept the fact that people are not like us.

We need to accept the fact that people may look different than us, they may dress differently, they may speak a different language or they may have different interest but in their eyes we may be just as strange. Why not go over there and say “Hi.”?We should make friends instead of enemies. We should learn from each other’s differences and cultures instead of hating each other.

If we love others, others will feel this love and they will love us in return.

Be the one who makes the difference in this world.

Be the one who makes the difference in this world.


-The second step to develop this kind of love is to practice it actively and consciously. We cannot wait for the loving feeling to develop out of nothing because our minds have been programmed since our childhood to only accept people and cultures that are similar to ours.

Here is how to reprogram our minds. Do this following exercise everyday, starting today.

let your heart shine

let your heart shine


Everyday, as soon as you wake up in the morning, tell yourself these words “I will show love towards whoever I come across today regardless of what they look like or what nationality they belong to. I will be a love-light in this world. I love and honor all beings”.

Then as you travel to work or wherever you go during your day, visualize your heart as being inside your chest, as it is, but as being a bright light of positive energy that shines with love. Imagine that your heart shines very bright and that it is able to touch every person you come in contact with.

When people walk past you, gently look at them, without them knowing and say softly, in your heart, “I love and honor you.” Do not let them hear you say these words or see you looking at them but do it. As you do this, imagine that the bright light in your heart shines a bright, gentle beam of light directly at this person. Imagine that this gentle beam of light touches this person and lights up his or her life and then admit to yourself that this person is a real person with feelings and emotions that have to be respected. Do this right through the day, to everyone, everywhere you go.


Love everybody.Try your best to not have a single enemy in the world.

Love everybody.Try your best to not have a single enemy in the world.


Do the above exercise everywhere you go, everyday and with everyone you see even if they are far away from you or if you just see them walking on a pavement. Do it especially with people who are different and who do not look like you.

 After a month you will be a much happier person. You will also notice that you have much less stress and almost never argue with people. You will not have many enemies. You will always smile and forgive very easily. 

The third  important secret to happiness is to serve the world.

This will be very easy if you practice the above exercise everyday. In fact it will come naturally.


If you are happy , others around you will become happy.

If you are happy , others around you will become happy.

By saying “the world” we mean all living beings.Serve the world with a gentle and humble spirit. Be gentle towards humans, animals and plants. Try to put others before yourself and think about their interest as you deal with them.

Try to take better care of your pets and if you see a small animal in your home that is not a pest or a danger, gently capture him and put him outside where he might live, instead of just killing all little creatures.

Get along with nature.

Get along with nature.

Not all spiders and things are dangerous. Some we might just let out. Live and let live.Care for nature and all living beings.Live and let live. Think about your environment. Plant a tree. Put some water out in your garden for the birds.

Create a bird bath and witness the wonders of nature.

Create a bird bath and witness the wonders of nature.

Care for living creatures. Forgive and learn to say that you are sorry. Life is too short to live in hatred and to live just for ourselves.Tell your loved ones that you love them and show them that you care. Do these things as often as you can.

Also learn to understand that rejection, disappointment and heartache is a natural part of the experience we call “life” and that we should not dwell on the pains of yesterday but focus more on the present time and on making things better. Smile. Smile a lot. Be happy and stop worrying.

Your life is what you make of it. You only have one life, so make it a good one filled with meaning. 

You choose your own path. 

These are the true secrets of happiness. 

True secrets of happiness

True secrets of happiness

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