How To Join Us




First of all, it is very important that you have a computer with Internet connection.

You must have a computer with Internet access.

You must have a computer with Internet access.

– You must be able to read and understand English, so that you may be able to study The Work-From-Home Manual and video Tutorials.

– You must be able to do the basic things on a computer; such as to be able to drag and drop and copy and paste. 

Then you need to do the following two things:

NUMBER 1: You need to take out one of our Products, as shown in The Presentation. If you have not seen it yet, please click here to get it: The Work From Home Presentation;


NUMBER 2: You must also purchase a copy of The Work From Home Manual. This will enable you to learn our System step-by-step. It will teach you everything about our powerful System and also guide you in applying what you are being taught.


-This Manual will teach you every thing that you need to know about The SA-Solution Work From Home System and it comes along with all the Tools which you will need to work from home, using our unique System.

-The Manual and Tools will empower you with the knowledge on how to build your own SA-Solution Home-based Business and how to successfully set up and run your business, working from home.

-This is a very powerful Manual and it is crucial that you have it, for your success with The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System.

The Start – Up Fee Cost:

To join this Business Opportunity costs R400. There are no hidden fees.

This money includes your Registration Fee, payment for your product, SA-Solution Membership and also your Work from Home Manual, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up and build your online SA-Solution Home-based Business and also teaches you how to  successfully collect R200’s online.

The Manual also teaches you, step-by-step, how to turn your computer with Internet access, into your very own Personal Automated Money Making Machine!

Understanding why you pay and what happens to the money: 

The Start-up Fee is R400. This is split in two (R200 + R200 = R400)

-This means that R200 is for your Registration Fee

              and then

-the other R200 is to purchase your Work-from-Home Manual. This second R200 (which you use to purchase your Manual), immediately goes to the person who has introduced you into this Business. He gets paid R200 directly into his Bank Account because you have now joined this Business under him.

Likewise, in the same manner, when others purchase their Work-from-Home Manuals when they join this Business under you, you will also immediately get R200’s paid directly into your Bank Account for each one of them when they join.

That is how simple and effectively our System works and that is also how it is really possible to make Hundreds and even Thousands of Rands with this powerful system! This is possible if you are willing to share this Opportunity with others online. Use the Internet as your Tool! It only takes about an hour’s work per day to make money with this Powerful System!! The R200’s are paid into your Bank Account as instant cash!!!

This is how you will work from home and collect your R200’s Online!

Join us today and start working from home, using The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System!




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