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Thank you for deciding to work from home and  for joining The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System!

welcome to SA Solution

I wish you success in our team! May you build a huge online empire! Please follow all instructions precisely. It is very important that you read everything carefully and that you do everything exactly as you are instructed. This is to get you started in your new, online, home-based business!


You have decided to work from home and will now be joining this business directly under me.

I am Jeremy Dreyer and I will be your sponsor. (The “sponsor” is the person who has introduced you into the SA-Solution Home Business.)

However, to join this business directly under me, you will need my “join under link”. This is a link which contains my membership number and if you click it, it will take you directly to the webpage where you must log in to be registered under me in the business. Then you must fill in your online application and when it is all done, you too, will receive your personal membership number.

Quite soon you will be receiving an email from me, which will give you all the step-by-step

information on what you must do to get started in your new online business. 

To do this online business you must do the following:

Nr.1 – Take out a funeral policy.

There are several to choose from and I will send you a link which gives you the basic list of policies. You should make your choice based on what you would like to earn in this online business or on what you can afford: there are different prices and the list will have the information.


Nr.2 – You must purchase the Work-From-Home Manual.

This Manual is an eBook which teaches you, step-by-step, what you need to do in order to collect R200’s online. It contains everything you need to know about The SA-Solution Work-From-Home System and will teach you how it is possible to make hundreds or even thousands online by collect R200’s on the Internet! You will be shown how to set up a system which will enable you to use your computer and Internet connection to make money online. Once you know how the system works, you may use it over and over again, through all the days of your life, to continue collecting R200’s and to build your online business!

SA-Solution Manual


Then, to get started, you must make 2 separate payments, into 2 separate bank accounts. I am going to send you an email which contains the information.

Please do payment number 1 first  and then afterwards, you may proceed with payment nr.2.

You will receive the bank details for both. You need to email or fax me the deposit slips for both of these payments before I can send you the Work-From-Home Manual.

Payment nr.1

– This will be your Start-Up Fee and includes your first month’s premium for your funeral policy. (You will decide on what you would like to pay or what you can afford. You may choose the price that will suit you.) This first payment is paid into an Absa Bank account. 

Payment nr.2

This is to pay for your Work-From-Home Manual. The email which I will send you will also include payment instructions for this, into a Capitec Bank account.


The total Start Up Fee for all the above will be either R350, R450, or R500; depending on your product choice. This payment  includes both your start up fee for your policy and also your Work From Home Manual.



I am going to send you some emails soon, to help you get started and registered and signed up under me. You must do everything exactly, step-by-step, as stated in the emails, so that the online registration can be done properly.

Please check your email within the next few minutes, as the first email should probably be coming through.

It is of the utmost importance that you make sure that the first email is in your inbox. If it’s there, good and well! If it is not there, then you might also have a problem receiving my other emails. You will then need to check your spam box or junk mail and remove it from there.

Some email providers, Gmail in particular, do sometimes block important  emails, which you are waiting to receive  and mark them as “spam” without your permission. If it blocks the first one, then all the other following emails will also end up in your spam box or “junk mail”. The only way to prevent this is to make sure that you remove the email from the spam box (junk mail) by marking it as “not spam”.


Please make sure that you get my very important emails by making sure that it is in your mailbox and not in your spam box. If you find it in your spam box or junk mail, please mark it as “not spam” before opening it to read it. By doing this you will make sure that you receive all future emails from me. To make double sure of this please also add me as one of your email contacts after you have received my first email. 

Thank you for joining and welcome to our team!

Jeremy Dreyer